The Best Chocolate in Prague

If you’ve come to this post because you’re planning a trip to Prague, then first of all let me say “Congratulations”.

Prague is gorgeous and friendly and you’re going to love it. And if you have a sweet tooth then you’ll love it even more.

All of Prague looks like it's posing for you, ready for its close-up, including the swans.

All of Prague looks like it’s posing for you, ready for its close-up, including the swans.

Before heading to Prague I did my research on where to get the best hot chocolate and other desserts. They have a Chocolate Museum, which seems to be a common thing in Europe, but it’s mostly a chocolate store selling touristy chocolate, like bars in the shape of Prague Castle.

For the quality stuff you only have to look a little harder because Prague is a city that loves its sweets.


Seeing Prague Castle is a must (very historical, great views from the top). And lucky for us, inside the walls of the castle in a little courtyard there’s a little stand that sells hot and cold chocolate drinks. It’s not a shop, just a little cart called Kralovska Cokolada. It makes a deliciously thick and creamy hot chocolate and was my biggest, happiest surprise in Prague. The cart is very low key, so keep an eye out for it.



In the old town area there are two really good chocolate places. Cacao (V Celnici 1031/4) is a little more upscale, although not expensive, and they do drinks plus huge ice cream sundaes that are perfect on a warm day.


I got a little experimental and tried an ice cream with pineapple in it. It was good, but I wish I’d had time to go back and try some of the extra chocolatey ice cream offerings as well.


There are also plenty of other desserts and cakes if it’s too chilly for ice cream. You should maybe just have dessert here every day, after a dinner of goulash and dumplings in the main square.


Choco Cafe (Liliová 250/4) was a little harder for me to find on my map, but very worth it. They do a really thick chocolate that you can have with fruit, or as a drink.


They also have cakes and pastries. I went there for breakfast on my last day and liked it so much I went back in the evening so that I could try something else from the huge menu.


For drinks, I sampled the Michel Cluizel Mangaro 50% Madagascar milk chocolate, and the Valrhona Caramelia 40% and was very happy with both. As you can see from the photo, it was think enough to eat with a spoon.


And the place is super cute, so you can look forward to spending an afternoon here, resting your feet and writing postcards or updating your travel journal.

One other thing I saw in Prague that you might want to try is Trdlo. No, I have no idea how to pronounce it. I first saw these things at the London Christmas markets a couple of years ago and they were called Chimney Cakes, which is much easier to say. They’re dough wrapped around these wooden things that look like rolling pins and then baked rotisserie style. It’s rotisserie cake! Once they’re done you can sprinkle cinnamon on them or cover them with Nutella or frosting.

Trdlo is very delicious, and perfect for sharing since you can unwind a little bite and then pass it on.


I saw one stand for these on a street in the old town, but there was another one up at the castle, so you’ll probably bump into some Trdlo eventually.





If you’re spending some time outside of Prague then consider a day trip to Cesky Krumlov. It’s a medieval village that turns up a lot on Pinterest as a must-see in the Czech Republic because of its picturesque red roofs and winding streets. It’s easy to hop on a tour there for a day, and along with the historical things to see and learn, there’s also plenty to eat.


So go for the educational bits but stay for the chocolates, shortbread and ice cream.


Did I miss anything? Leave a comment below to let me know

Have a great time in Prague!

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