Review: Betty Crocker’s Maple Bacon Cookie Mix

I was walking through my Walmart Neighborhood Market on Saturday afternoon, as you do, and spotted this new Limited Edition Maple Bacon Cookie Mix from Betty Crocker on the shelf. And before my jaw had fully dropped, I spotted the Maple Bacon frosting to go with it on the shelf below.


I think the box here was just re-purposed, because this is not a Snickerdoodle cookie.

This wasn’t in the regular baking aisle – it was with the Halloween treats in a seasonal aisle. I can’t find it listed on the Betty Crocker site so I’m not sure if it’s available everywhere, but you can get it on Amazon if you really want to try it.

I usually avoid cookie mixes because they’re so simple to do from scratch, and they never taste quite the same. This flavor intrigued me though because if Betty is on to this whole maple bacon thing, then either the flavor pairing has reached maximum penetration and acceptance in America’s kitchens, or it’s jumped the shark.

Will hipsters turn their back on bacon if Betty thinks it’s cool? If so, can she do a cilantro flavored cookie? Because I’d really like for cilantro to go away. (Although that could be because of my genes.)


Anyway, I’ve been enjoying maple and bacon together for maybe six or seven years now, and my Maple Bacon Bundt Cake is an office favorite. We even did a whole week of bacon treats to wish someone farewell when they left our team.

So if there are discerning maple bacon palates out there, then my office has them. And what did they have to say?

Zhao loved them and called them “really, really delicious.”


Kanthi was wary at first, but after a couple of bites declared, “Oh wow. These are fantastic.”


And Jon just smiled a lot while he ate them.


So they’re a hit!

I didn’t frost them all in case some people wanted a less sugary snack, but the people who have had the frosting really liked the maple flavor. It smells wonderful, too.

Betty Crocker owns Bacos, but the bacon bits that come with the frosting aren’t quite that crunchy. They have a slightly more bacon-like texture.

The cookies were quick to mix up, just add an egg and butter, and the dough was soft and easy to form into rounded spoonfuls.


One small gripe I could have is that the package clearly shows a cookie made with a cookie cutter, but the instructions are just for a drop cookie. There’s no variation for what to do to the dough if you want to roll them out. As-is I think the dough is too sticky, but I’m not sure how much flour you could add to them before they would get dry and crumbly.

What about my cute maple leaf cookie cutter option?

What about my cute maple leaf cookie cutter option?

For my oven, 8 minutes was the perfect cooking time, and although they browned a little on the bottom, the cookies stayed a little bit soft. I put them in Tupperware overnight and just frosted a few once I got to the office in the morning.

Why do people always have to cut things and have so that they "can just have a little taste"? Especially when they always wind up coming back for the other half. Yes. You do.

Why do people always have to cut things and have so that they “can just have a little taste”? Especially when they always wind up coming back for the other half. Yes. You do.

If you’re looking for something quick to whip up for an office holiday party, these will do the trick.


Mmm… bacon,

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3 thoughts on “Review: Betty Crocker’s Maple Bacon Cookie Mix

  1. dave

    I read the ingredients on the package–it looks like even the bacon bits are some sort of soy product. This is important because I’m trying to discern if the dough is vegetarian (looks like the iciing is).

    • Hi Dave,
      I checked the Betty Crocker site for more information, but I can’t even find this product listed. Maybe they’ve already finished with it because it’s a limited edition flavor. Betty Crocker also makes Bac-Os though, and if that’s what they’re using here then like you said, it looks like soy. No real meat:

  2. Princess

    They were very delicious ! Didn’t get the frosting because I don’t like frosted cookies too much but these were a pleasant tasteful surprise !

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