Baking for Star Wars Day *and* Cinco de Mayo

Star Wars Day fell on a Sunday this year, but I know my geeky co-workers would hate to miss the celebration, so I decided to combine it with Cinco de Mayo. Let’s call it Cinco de Star Wars. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it has a nice ring to it.

Like this? Visit for more.

Like this? Visit for more.

When I started planning this I saw a piñata cookie on Pinterest that looked like fun. The sugar cookie dough recreates the colorful stripes of a piñata, and then you put the cookies together with M&Ms in the middle to make a piñata. That was totally my plan for using my new Star Wars cookie cutters (currently on sale for half price at Williams-Sonoma), until I realized that if I did that I would only have cookies for about size people, since each piñata uses three cookies. So I just set mine out as regular cookies, but let me know if you actually assemble yours.

Eat them, you will.

Eat them, you will.

Also, this cookie isn’t difficult, but it’s incredibly time consuming. Give yourself at least 30-45 minutes to make the dough, separate and color it, and then layer it, then allow 4+ hours for the dough to chill before you try baking it. They’re fun, but they’re a lot of work, and I don’t imagine I’m going to make them again any time soon.

Here’s the original tutorial on how to make pinata cookies. A few shots from my own experience:

So much stirring.

So much stirring.

Working food coloring into sugar cookie dough is a lot slower than dying frosting. I probably should have used my mixer, but I didn’t want to have to stop and wash the bowl and beaters every time, so I used a fork. It got the job done.

I found a square plastic container to use as the frame for my dough and lined it with plastic wrap. This makes it simple to pop out after you chill the dough. I divided each color into two, except the black, and used my hands to form a squarish shape before adding it to the tub. If you drop it in and then try to flatten it, you’ll just wind up pushing the colors below it out and having a new lump of color in the middle.

Keep those layers flat and even!

Keep those layers flat and even!

Once it was chilled I sliced it into 1/4 inch slabs and used my cookie cutters on it. I didn’t grease or flour the cutters until I was about halfway through, and then I just gave them a light dusting of flour, brushing off any big chunks that stuck. The flour didn’t blend back in to the dough when they cooked, so wipe off any excess or you’ll have white clumps on your cookies.

These would look pretty as plain rectangles if you don't want to mess with cookie cutters.

These would look pretty as plain rectangles if you don’t want to mess with cookie cutters.

This left me with a bunch of little dough scraps, so I put them back in the fridge for 5 minutes or so to chill a bit, then I pieced them together into new layers to make more cookies, or with some I just made a multi-colored ball and wound up with some tie-dye looking Darth Vaders.

Use those scraps!

Use those scraps!

It's art you can eat.

It’s art you can eat.

He's so cute!

He’s so cute!

Along with the piñata cookies I made some Chocolate Cinnamon Cupcakes. That’s just a box of chocolate cake mix with a half teaspoon of cinnamon added in, and I replaced the water it calls for with Kahlua. Because why not?

I used my candy mold to make a few Vader heads in different fiesta colors and left those in the fridge overnight, just adding them to the cupcakes when I set them out at work. (They shouldn’t melt, but it’s been a little warm lately and I didn’t want to take any chances with them.

He doesn't look nearly as intimidating in pink and green.

He doesn’t look nearly as intimidating in pink and green.

There are also some Chocolate Cookie Cups with spoonfuls of dulce de leche in the middle. I made the cookie cups the same way I did my S’mores Cookie Cups last week, and used a can of dulce de leche to fill them. Fast and easy, and I like to call them Dulce de Death Star cookies.


I find your lack of baked goods disturbing,

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