Baking for Valentine’s Day: Personalized Cupcakes

After all the Hanson baking I did for Valentine’s Day, I was pretty over all this love crap. I hadn’t planned to bring anything in today, but then yesterday I started to think about how I could bake personal valentines for each of my co-workers.


Instead of using generic sprinkles or candies, what if I made cupcakes and brownies and topped each one with something that someone really loves? And so the Googling and Facebook stalking began, since choosing an object for some co-workers was a no-brainer (like Mr. Darcy for Carina) but for others it required a little more investigation.

All my sexy men, right here.

All my sexy men, right here.

I put all the images into a Word doc so I could easily drag them around and make them about the same size, and then I spent an hour with my scissors. That was really the most labor-intensive part of the whole thing.


We are shoppers and singers and off-roaders. And one of us is just plain awesome.


Some of us are artsy, some of us are sporty. And one of us has a squirrel with underpants.

Finally I taped each image to a toothpick and put them in the cupcakes when I set them out.

We're a nerdy, international group.

We’re a nerdy, international group.

The most fun part of this was watching people come by and say, “Oh! That’s Christine!” or “Who’s the karaoke machine?” and then have other people work together to figure out which cupcake was for who. It turned into a game of getting to know our co-workers better, and it was tasty, too.


Timmy the Squirrel finds his match.

Timmy the Squirrel finds his match.

In vain I have struggled,

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2 thoughts on “Baking for Valentine’s Day: Personalized Cupcakes

  1. Hannah

    That’s a brilliant idea! And it was so simple 🙂

    • Thanks, Hannah. It was sweet to watch my co-workers look through them all to figure out which one was meant for them. They all seemed very excited to think they had their own personal cupcake.

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