Baking for All This Love Crap: It’s Valentine’s Day, Hanson Style


Watch the guys give Loving Tips

“Oh, all this love crap
Gets me down, and
Oh, all this love crap
Keeps me down”

Are those the immortal words of romantic poet Robert Burns? Nay. They’re the scribblings of the Hanson brothers. (Mostly Zac, I think. It’s his special brand of sexy-crazy, which turns out crazy sexy.)

And if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, or if you’re with someone who you just don’t like very much, then this is the song for you:

It’s a good thing they can really sing, because they’re terrible at lip syncing.

Can’t listen to the song while you’re at work? Turn off the sound and watch Zac smear chocolate on his face while Isaac plays guitar god and Taylor makes love to the camera. It’s Hanson at their silliest and I love it. I’d also love to see Zac do some real 80s hair band songs because The Boy. Can. Wail. Maybe a little “Pour Some Sugar On Me” or “Cherry Pie”? Ooooh, “Kickstart My Heart”. That would be amazing.

The making of this video is also pretty adorable, so have a look if only to hear Taylor’s reply to Zac asking, “Whatcha’ doin’ Tay?”:

Anyway, let’s talk Hanson and sweet sweet desserts that are as delicious as they are. I started this Hanson baking theme with my awesome Hanson Halloween party and then had minor success with an Ugly Christmas Sweater cookie decorating at Christmas.

Inspired by “All This Love Crap” and way too many Hanson FUTY videos (that’s “from us to you” and includes some great moments at truck stops around the country), I decided to make some things that were not only inspired by Hanson, but that the guys might actually like to eat themselves.

Clearly bacon would have to be involved, because:

I love how Zac and Isaac are lost in a bacon trance while Taylor is looking right into the camera, seducing us with salty pig parts.

My Maple Bacon Cupcakes have always been popular with my coworkers so I whipped some of those up and topped them with cream cheese frosting. I cook the bacon in the morning before work and wait to put it on the cupcakes just before I set them out, for maximum crispness.

MMMaple Bacon Cupcakes

MMMaple Bacon Cupcakes

I also leave a few cupcakes plain for the vegetarians, and then I topped a few with candy minifigs that I made, because you know how the guys love their Legos. I just saw the Lego movie over the weekend and I sort of hope that either Zac or Isaac has a basement just like Will Ferrell’s. That would be fantastic.

Everything is awesome!

Everything is awesome! Especially that picture frame.

It wouldn’t be a Hanson party without some Zacarons, and I still had the lustre dust I bought on my last trip to the U.K. that I wanted to try out. Ideally these would have been passionfruit macarons (since Zac inspires passion in many), but based on the five grocery stores I went to in my area, passionfruit jam, jelly or juice is impossible to get this time of the year so I went with mango instead. Mangoes are also juicy and delicious.

Playing doctor with Zac.

Playing doctor with Zac.

I painted the lustre dust on with a dry brush after they were baked, cooled and filled and they turned out sparkly and beautiful. If I didn’t hate “Twilight” so much I’d be tempted to do them next Halloween as some kind of sparkly vampire cookie.

"What... what are you guys getting?"

“What… what are you guys getting?”

Speaking of those FUTY videos, this one made me think that the only way to make junk food better is to put it in a brownie.

The guys who own Baked must agree because they have a recipe for a “Got Munchies” brownie that involves potato chips, M&Ms, pretzels, and really anything else you want to throw in.

These are probably the item that my coworkers were most excited about, just because they looked so crazy. Everyone also really liked the sweet chocolate and the salty pretzels and potato chips together, so I would absolutely make them again.

And just a little piece goes a long way, so you can make one pan and cut them into 20 or more servings.

So fun to make. So easy to eat a whole pan of.

So fun to make. So easy to eat a whole pan of.

You think Zac could write a song about potato chip brownies? It wouldn't be "Jet Lag", but it would be pretty good. Have I mentioned how much I love "Digital Pants"?

You think Zac could write a song about potato chip brownies? It wouldn’t be “Jet Lag”, but it would be pretty good. Have I mentioned how much I love “Digital Pants”?

I was staying away from other song titles this time around (ha!) because I’ve already done that, but I found a recipe for Chocolate Chip Madelines, and I do have a Madeline pan, so I just couldn’t resist pulling these out of the middle of nowhere. So to speak.



A tip about Madelines: I put mine in Tupperware overnight and by morning they were a bit more sticky and moist than I would have liked. Still tasty, but not the firm cookie that I was expecting. So don’t wrap them up too tightly. Let them breathe a little.

Now let’s watch Zac eat/smear some more chocolate:

The last thing I considered making but didn’t think would last overnight, is Puff Broccoli. Well, Puff Pastry Spinach, Broccoli & Mozzarella Bites. If you’re really dedicated, give it a try and let me know how it goes. I didn’t think they could compete with bacon cupcakes and junk food brownies, but if the gag has lasted 15 years already then who am I to say?

Young Man Hanson

Young Man Hanson



Old Man Hanson

Can’t fight the power,

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6 thoughts on “Baking for All This Love Crap: It’s Valentine’s Day, Hanson Style

  1. I can’t believe how many Hanson song titles, album names and lyrics you managed to fit in one post, lol.
    All that food looks incredible! I’m especially intrigued by the bacon cupcakes…

    • Thanks, Manda! Some people were weirded out by the cupcakes the first time I made them, but then they realized it’s pretty much the same thing as having your bacon run into your pancakes and maple syrup at breakfast. With the added bonus of cream cheese frosting.

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  4. cec

    You are so creative!!!

  5. Cecilia Carvalho


    You are SO creative!! Loving your posts!

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