Baking for Whovians: Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Party!

Allo allo! I’m in London right now, a bit jetlagged from my overnight flight but super excited to be here for the Doctor Who Celebration/convention next week!


I’ve already thrown one “Doctor Who” party in the office, but I wanted to try a couple more Whovian treats before my trip, just in case people are looking for ideas on what to serve at a 50th anniversary viewing party.

Since I’ve been fixated on macarons, I made some Chocolate Sylverster McCoyarons filled with the milk chocolate ganache that Chocolatique evangelizes. The name isn’t nearly as slick as my Hanson-themed “Zacarons” but they were gobbled up just as quickly.

Post vacation I’ll get to writing up a macaron post, but for now I’ll just say that everything I know I learned from the blog Brave Tart. Go read it.

This one looks like he knows he's going to get eaten.

This one looks like he knows he’s going to get eaten.

Oh, and if your macarons crack, as sometimes happens, you can call them Crack In the Wall Macarons, right?

Ah! They're going to take Rory! And then he'll be even more delicious.

Ah! They’re going to take Rory! And then he’ll be even more delicious.

I also made some Rude and Not Ginger Chocolate Chip Bars. People raved about the sweet and spicy taste combination in these and they were quick and easy to whip up, especially compared to the macarons. Get the recipe from Real Simple.

New teeth. That's weird.

New teeth. That’s weird.

Have a look at my first post on Baking for Doctor Who if you haven’t already and let me know what creations you’ve come up with. Has anyone figured out what Ood Food might look like?


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5 thoughts on “Baking for Whovians: Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Party!

  1. Hannah

    Enjoy the convention!!! and the studio tour!

    I’m going to the local cinema to watch it with nearly four hundred other Whovians after a petition was launched to get the cinema to show it 🙂
    I am dressing, nothing over the top, I’m going to have a 1950’s style skirt with a TARDIS printed on, like a dog, but better! Hopefully coupled with galaxy shoes, if I get around to painting them that is, and probably a hite shirt, because right now I can’t think of anything else.

    Are you dressing up? Enjoy London in all its glory, it truly is a fabulous city 🙂

    – Hannah

    • Hannah

      that is supposed to be *white shirt 🙂

      • Your outfit sounds awesome! The convention in London was very cool today, although completely packed and exhausting. I’ll post photos when I get back home. Have a great time tomorrow!

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