Baking for Halloween: Caramel Brownies and Spooky Jolly Ranchers

Happy Halloween!

There have been so many treats all over our building this week that I decided to keep it simple today. Just a dozen cupcakes to use up the cupcake liners I had left from my Hanson Halloween party and some brownies, because I’ve been craving them and also because I wanted to use my Halloween stencils on something.

Creepy crawly caramel brownies

Creepy crawly caramel brownies

The cupcakes are from a package mix (it’s the middle of the week – I don’t bake from scratch Tues – Fri) but I jazzed them up with some Jolly Ranchers I melted down and shaped with cookie cutters.



If you want to give this a try, start by smashing your Jolly Ranchers with a hammer. Smaller bits and powder will melt faster than big chunks. You may want to do this outside, as the first time I tried it my plastic bag split open and candy dust went everywhere.

More baking should involve hammers.

More baking should involve hammers.

Lisa smash!

Lisa smash!

Next, put some foil down on a cookie sheet and give it a quick coat of non-stick spray. Spray the inside of your cookie cutters as well and put them on the sheet.

About halfway full will do it.

About halfway full will do it.

Spoon the candy into the molds and put them in a 300 degree oven. Watch them closely. It only takes maybe 3 minutes for the melting to happen, and if you aren’t paying attention it might start to bubble and burn, like this:

Still tastes goo though.

Still tastes good though.


Wait for them to cool before trying to take the candy out of the mold unless you want some serious burns on your hands. The instructions I read said they would pop right out, and a couple did, but the cookie cutters with more detailed shapes – angles, curls, small details – had more trouble letting go. My black cat lost its tail and the pumpkin chipped its stem.



Other than that, they looked pretty good.

For the brownies I added a layer of Ghirardelli Caramel Squares in the middle (pour half the batter in, then the squares, then the rest of the batter on top).

Hidden yummyness.

Hidden yummyness.

I’m sure any flavor would be delicious, but the caramel tastes like autumn to me.


I got a set of three of these plates for $1 at a garage sale last weekend and decided they would be perfect for candy.

It was a graveyard smash!

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2 thoughts on “Baking for Halloween: Caramel Brownies and Spooky Jolly Ranchers

  1. Hannah

    Hey Lisa,
    I can’t get those caramel squares in Ireland, d’ya reckon any chocolate with caramel in the middle would work? Or caramel sweets? 😀

    • Hi Hannah,

      I’m trying to think of all the chocolate I ate in Ireland and whether there’s anything similar to the Ghirardelli squares. I think you could use any caramel, melt it down a little and spread a layer of it in the middle of your brownies. Fry’s peppermint cremes might also be nice to try with brownies, and mint always reminds me of the holidays.

      Happy baking!

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