Baking for the Office Farewell: Bacon Week!

I wasn’t the one saying, “farewell”;  it was George. George who could always be counted on to bring his sunshiney personality and sparkling smile to any event. See?

Yep. That's our George.

Yep. That’s our George.

George spent seven years in our office, so I felt that a simple cake just wasn’t enough. This was going to require a whole week of sending-him-off goodies. And there was only one possible theme: Bacon.

Vegetarians, look away now.

It's two bad-for-you-foods in one!

It’s two bad-for-you-foods in one!

It had to be bacon because George is always ahead of the curve on trends, and he was the guy who came in to the office five years ago and told us about a Maple Bacon Doughnut he had at Voodoo Doughnut in Portland.

Bacon on a doughnut? It seemed ridiculous! Crazy! You can’t put bacon on a pastry! Or can you?

A few weeks later we celebrated his birthday with bacon I cooked at home and put on top of some maple doughnuts I bought at my favorite local doughnut place (Hello, Johnny’s Donuts!). People got a real kick out of them, and that was the beginning of me finding creative ways to celebrate office birthdays.

Naturally then, day one of Bacon Week had to be those original Maple Bacon Doughnuts. I got a few chocolate bars as well, just to shake it up, and myohmy they were good. Give it a try.

The next day I went with a Maple Bacon Cake. I’ve written about this before and you can get that recipe here, although I made it as one bundt cake instead of cupcakes this time. Bacon looks pretty on the top of the cake, if you’re into that kind of thing, and our meat eaters always enjoy this one.


It’s the cream cheese frosting that really pulls all the calories (and flavors) together.

The next two days we had treats that another coworker found at her local farmer’s market. First, there was Bacon Jam. How do you turn bacon into a jam? Martha Stewart has instructions for that.

Yep, that's my jam.

Yep, that’s my jam.

And next we had Candied Bacon Caramel Popcorn. Salty and sweet and crunchy, it was a great afternoon snack.

Oink Oink!

Oink Oink!

Another coworker picked up the reins from here and made us a plateful of Maple Cayenne Bacon. (Do you sense that people really like maple and bacon together?) For this he cooked the bacon a little, then coated each piece in maple syrup and a dash of cayenne pepper, then cooked it until crispy.

It's the bacon Homer Simpson would eat by the fistful.

It’s the bacon Homer Simpson would eat by the fistful.

It almost melted in your mouth, but also still had a nice crunch. I think this might have been one of George’s favorites, as you can tell by his joyful expression:


Finally, to finish the week off I whipped up another cake, a Bacon-Brown Sugar Coffee Cake which I found a few years ago on Moxie. Having the bacon in the middle of the cake as a streusel is a nice surprise and it can be served for breakfast or later in the day.

Unfortunately, I didn’t coat the pan well enough and when most of the cake came out of the pan, some of the top didn’t. I sort of molded it back together though, and with some powdered sugar on top you can’t really tell, right?


How can something so wrong taste so right?

And that was George’s Bacon Week. All that was left was a sad Happy Hour where we said our goodbyes and gave him beer and hugs. I’m not convinced he’s gone for good though. Eventually he’ll get hungry. And he knows where we keep the snacks.

How do the little piggies eat?

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3 thoughts on “Baking for the Office Farewell: Bacon Week!


    With all that lovely food available, you all might soon need stronger chairs or wider doorways. Well done to all.

    • Thanks, Irene! I did take a week off from baking after all this, to let people recover. And my coworkers are pretty fit, so I figure they jog or swim or Crossfit off most of what they eat here.

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