Baking for Star Wars Day 2013: Darth Vader Cupcakes

Happy May the Third! Which is not a holiday! But it’s the day before May the Fourth (be with you), and since I don’t think I could convince my coworkers to come into the office on a Saturday just for cupcakes, we’re celebrating Star Wars Day today.

Our story begins many, many weeks ago in a home far, far away. My coworker was reading the book “Darth Vader and Son” with his 4-year-old daughter, and a little Jedi was born. She has since gotten a Lightsaber and attended the Jedi Training Academy at Disneyland, and this week she drew herself as Princess Leia:

"Daddy, I already feel like a Jedi."

“Daddy, I already feel like a Jedi.”

Her R2D2 is pretty good, too:

Beep boop.

Beep boop.

I’m very proud of this little geek, and in honor of her and other girls who like Star Wars I wanted to do something that was Star Wars-y, but also girly. I would make pink Darth Vader heads with my awesome Darth Vader ice tray! (I should just have my paychecks sent directly to Think Geek and skip the middleman. Please don’t ask how many pairs of Doctor Who socks I own.)

Then my California guilt stepped in and said, “Why do girls have to have pink things? Girls can like all colors! JUST LOOK AT THE EASY BAKE OVENS BROUHAHA!” I mean, I was never into pink that much as a little girl, and blue has been my color of choice for ages. Tardis blue, when possible. So maybe I should make blue Vaders? Or rainbow Vaders?

But this little girl’s favorite colors actually are pink and purple, so I decided to stick with that.

So here’s the awesome ice tray. It’s much more sturdy than the Lego Minifig one I have, which made popping out the Vader heads more difficult.

Why must you be so sturdy?!

There’s also a lot of little details in them, so some came out a little battle scarred. But that just adds to the authenticity, right?

My geeky, candy take on a Warhol.

My geeky, sugary take on a Warhol.

I just used regular candy melts to make them, and the nice thing with those is you can do them days ahead of time, so you aren’t trying to bake and mold all at once.

Naturally, yesterday it reached about 90 degrees in my house without air conditioning, so I waited until around 9 p.m. when it was cooler to bake a batch of chocolate cupcakes. I also made my chocolate butter cream frosting a little thicker than usual to help prevent melting.

A few silver sprinkles helped the cupcakes look spaced out, and the floating heads were a big hit at work. I should have made a few more for people to take home to their kids.

The plastic silver tray is key, since everything in space and in the future is shiny.

The plastic silver tray is key, since everything in space and in the future is shiny.


I just hope my coworker’s little princess approves.

Rebels and Emperors,

Update: She liked it!

The Dark Side is delicious!

The Dark Side is delicious!

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2 thoughts on “Baking for Star Wars Day 2013: Darth Vader Cupcakes

  1. Mike

    Question, did you put anything into the mold before putting the chocolate in? I heard someone say canola oil on the bottom helps with the removal while not changing the flavor.

    • Hi Mike. I didn’t put anything else in the mold, although that’s probably not a bad idea. These popped out without too much damage, but the little Lego men I did for another cake were more difficult. Googling around just now I see that some people do recommend adding a few drops of oil to make the candy shine a little more, but they don’t say that it helps the candy come out. I will say that the flexibility of the silicone molds I’ve tried makes the shapes come out much easier than they do with the rigid plastic molds I have.

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