Baking for Passover: Chocolate Caramel Matzo

I’ve never celebrated Passover before, but I found myself in possession of three boxes of matzo last week and figured I’d better do something good with them.

Luckily, I found a post on with a recipe for Chocolate Caramel Matzo and I knew my coworkers would love a sweet, crunchy treat.

Plus, it’s a nice break from the usual cake, cupcake, cake, brownie, cake routine, right? Let’s throw a little crunch into the week.

I followed the directions and it was all really simple.You cook up some caramel, spread it on the matzos and bake them. Having a helper isn’t a bad idea, so one person can pour the caramel over the matzo while the other spreads it out, for a nice, even coating.

They look all golden and delicious when they come out.

They smell even better than they look.

They smell even better than they look.

Then you just throw whatever you want on top of them.

My tip to you for this part is to have all of your toppings out and ready to sprinkle on the matzos once you take them out of the oven. The chocolate that I put on right away melted easily, but after I started to spread it out I decided it was too thin in spots so I added more chips, but the caramel was already cooling off and so they didn’t melt as well.

It's a buffet of delights!

It’s a buffet of delights!

Aside from the delicious taste and aroma, I loved making these because it helped me use up all the odds and ends that were around my kitchen. Half a bag of white chocolate chips, half a bag of butterscotch chips, a little bit of leftover coconut flakes, some graham cracker crumbs, some toasted sliced almonds, just grab whatever you’ve got and make up different flavor combinations.





Happy Passover!

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2 thoughts on “Baking for Passover: Chocolate Caramel Matzo

  1. What a great idea!

  2. Walt

    graham crackers aren’t kosher for passover… just fyi

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