Baking for St. Patrick’s Day: Bailey’s Irish Cream Cake

This is a simple one. I got the Irish Cream Cake recipe from, and they got it from, although I don’t actually see the recipe there. Maybe they’re paying her to hush it up. I’ve heard about that tough Crocker mob before.

Anyway, follow Betty’s recipe and good things will happen. The only change I made to it is that I used 8-inch pans instead of 9, to make the cake a little taller.

A lot of older recipes call for 9-inch pans, but as boxed baking mixes are getting smaller and smaller, they’re turning out more anemic looking cakes. Since this recipe calls for more ingredients to be added to the mix, the cake came out nice and big. But if you’re just using the box mix as-is, then 8-inch pans help it to look a little more impressive.

The recipe also reminded me that toasted almonds are so delicious that you almost don’t need the cake to go with them. Although toasted almonds on fudgey chocolate might be one of the most perfect flavor combinations ever.

Now get out your bottle of Bailey’s and get toasted! Er, toasting!



Lookin’ over a four-leaf clover,

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