Chocolate Week: Going Green With Compost Cupcakes

My office has a few groups you can join that cover different interests. I’m a member of the Sustainability Team, which is sort of like a high school Earth club or environmental group. We get together to discuss ways we can make our office and our business more sustainable and we plan volunteer activities, like beach cleanups or farming and gardening.

Last month we volunteered with the parks department on Alcatraz, which was fantastic:


So this month our group wanted to host a breakfast for the whole company. We were hoping people would come by for the food and then stay to ask about what our group does and, hopefully, sign up to join us.

We had fruit and bagels and other morning food, but even though it was a breakfast I just had to put gummy worms in something. Because nothing says “I love the environment” like wriggly candy in a chocolate cupcake made to look like dirt, right?

No fancy recipe this time. I made chocolate cupcakes from a box mix, then I topped them with homemade chocolate butter cream frosting.

For the dirt tops I put some regular graham crackers and chocolate graham crackers in my food processor and got them good and crummy and mixed up.


Then I dipped each cupcake into a bowl of the crumbs.


Finally I used a very thin knife to cut small holes in the tops of the cakes. I suppose if you want to be extra geeky about it you could call them wormholes 🙂 Ha. (You might not be laughing but I just crack myself up.)

John Crichton could have figured out these wormholes fast enough to have ended Farscape after just two seasons.

John Crichton could have figured out these wormholes fast enough to have ended Farscape after just two seasons.

I cut the worms down to a more manageable size and poked them in the holes at different angles.


Et voila! Yummy compost cupcakes.


The early bird gets the gummy worm,

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