Please Sir, Can I Have S’mores Cups?

I just don’t feel like it’s winter until I’ve had s’mores and I finally got to do that last weekend when it was cold enough to build a fire. (Hey, this is California.  It’s been 65 almost every day for the last two months.)

But how to share the gooey joy of s’mores in an office that has very strong, negative feelings about open flames?


I found some recipes for s’mores bar cookies and a few for regular cookies, but I was stuck on the idea of putting them into cup form, to keep everything contained into one big bite. The last time I used my mini muffin tins, for Pecan Tassies, worked out well and I figured that was worth a go.

After looking at a bunch of recipes for Graham Cracker cookies I decided to use this one from Pillsbury.

I rolled the dough into little balls and then poked at them to make them fir in the muffin tins.

Roll 'em up...

Roll ’em up…

...and pat them in.

…and pat them in.

Yes, this is time consuming and I wouldn’t recommend doing it on a day when you’re making lots of other cookies.

You can go fancy with your chocolate and marshmallow if you want, but I love my classic s’mores with Hershey bars, so I broke three bars into smaller pieces and put these into the cups. Some I put in before baking and others I added part way through baking. It didn’t seem to make a difference in the way they turned out.


The mini marshmallows I added after about 5 minutes and then I put the cups back in for another 3-4 minutes, for a total baking time of about 8 minutes. One batch I left in for a full 10 minutes, and they were extra chewy, but still good. Some coworkers even preferred those.

Once the S’mores Cups were out of the oven the marshmallows started to fall down, which I should have expected. To compensate, I added a few more marshmallows to the tops of them then got out my trusty crème brûlée torch, which you can see I paid $3 for at a thrift store.


Torching with one hand and photographing with another is not easy.

Torching with one hand and photographing with another is not easy.

Torching food is fun and in this case it also made for a nice, toasty smell. A few cups got too toasty and I had to blow out some flames as I went, but there were no big problems. Putting them under the broiler for a few seconds could also work.

Toasted to perfection.

Toasted to perfection.

The end result was a tasty, chewy, graham crackery cup of chocolate and marshmallow fun that everyone loved. I think I could have gone heavier on the chocolate, either by using Hershey’s Kisses or by drizzling more chocolate on top of the cups, but nobody seemed to mind.

Even Gandalf ran off with one.

You shall not pass... unless you give me a S'mores Cup!

You shall not pass… unless you give me a S’mores Cup!

The snowflakey plate lets you know these are special holiday treats.

The snowflakey plate lets you know these are special holiday treats.

Jingle bells,

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