Baking for Halloween: Cupcake Monsters!

Thanks to Wilton’s candy googly eyes and knives, and Joann Fabric’s 50% off sale a couple of weeks ago (without which I would not have bought them because $5-6 just for decorations seems crazy to me), I made some adorable cupcake monsters for Halloween.

Knowing that my coworkers love nothing more than to cut snacks in half, and half again, so that they don’t feel guilty about snacking, I cleverly made two dozen mini cupcakes along with eight big ones.Of course some people then ate three small ones, but if they want to believe that’s better than one big one, I’ll let them.

All the cupcakes came out of one box of Devil’s Food cake mix (because what else would you use for Halloween?), and then I made a double batch of buttercream frosting, just to make sure I had enough.

I divided the frosting up and tinted it blue, green and red (which came out a little more salmon), and left some white for my mummy cupcakes.

Then it was just a matter of experimenting with different decorating tips to make monster fur, and putting the frosting in the fridge every few minutes to cool down, as 80-degree weather is not so conducive to cupcake decorating.

Some people asked if they were Sesame Street cupcakes, and I can see how the blue ones do look a little like Grover. But I think the green ones look more like PacMan ghosts.

For the stabbed cupcakes, I dipped the candy knives in the red frosting first, then plunged them into the cakes, which gave them a nice sort of bleeding effect.

Not a bad spread, right?

Happy Halloween!

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2 thoughts on “Baking for Halloween: Cupcake Monsters!

  1. Love ’em! I really like the mummies and the stabbed ones.

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