Baking for a Hello Kitty Birthday

I like to do things from scratch. I aspire to be the kind of baker who can throw ingredients together without a recipe and have it come out looking like Martha Stewart herself was in my kitchen.

But sometimes it’s Monday night, and I just need to pull together a quick birthday dessert. And then box mixes and Target are my friends.

Today’s birthday girl, my coworker, Michelle, loves Hello Kitty. Check out her personal water cooler on the right here:

So when I saw this Hello Kitty cupcake kit at Target I grabbed it. Yes, I could have made my own cupcake toppers like I did for my awesome Joshua Jackson cupcakes earlier this year, and yes, it would have been cheaper, but time is money and this was way faster.

I used a pink lemonade cake mix, topped the cupcakes with regular butter cream frosting (which I made on Sunday and refrigerated), and then dusted them with some pink sprinkles I had left from Valentine’s Day and the Hello Kitty candies that came with the kit.

Once I got to work I covered a tv tray with some sweet, pink material I had at home (I bought a yard each of a few different festive patterns earlier this year, just for these sorts of things), and then I put the toppers on.

At Jo-Ann Fabrics a couple of weeks ago I saw these Hello Kitty picture frames in the dollar bins by the register, so I grabbed two, and they helped pull it all together.

I know it doesn’t look like a picture frame, but there’s a little clip on the back you can put a photo in. Honest.

The only question I had was whether the men in the office would be put off by the adorable pinkness of them. Would they be seen eating a Hello Kitty cupcake? Well as the pictures show you, that wasn’t a problem.

Apparently George couldn’t be happier to eat my cupcakes.

I didn’t think they were bite-sized, but Nick proved me wrong.


But where’s Mimmy?

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2 thoughts on “Baking for a Hello Kitty Birthday

  1. christine

    The picture frame and the pink table liner really are the perfect touch! Glad you saved Mimmy for another kind of Michelle celebration in a few short months. 😉

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