Baking for Hobbits: Apple Cake and Crickets

I didn’t have a lot of time this week to put together a real Hobbit party (tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of the book), so I whipped up a quick Caramel Apple Pecan cake, got some more apples to set out for munching, bought a new fancy tea, because tea seemed Hobbity, and set that out this morning.

It started out innocent enough.

And just as I was getting it all together, my coworker came by to set out a snack he brought back from a recent trip. Crickets. Dead crickets. Dead, multi-flavored crickets.

And then it turned into a horror film.


I know that crickets are probably a great source of protein, and a very reasonable snack item to some people. I’m not one of them. And the fact that the guy who set them out (and ate a few) is the same guy who won’t touch carrot cake or zucchini bread because he thinks it’s gross to put vegetables in bread, well that just made it all even more bizarre.

Luckily another coworker was really excited about the crickets and grabbed them up, because I couldn’t even look at the table as long as they were there.

Have your coworkers brought in any exotic snacks to share?


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