Baking for the 4th of July: Watermelon Cake

I was going to do a typical red, white and blue thing for the 4th of July – cupcakes or maybe macaroons or whoopie pies – but then I saw this Watermelon Cake idea from Betty Crocker.

Betty calls for a white cake mix and a package of red soft drink mix to make the pink cake. I didn’t have any soft drink mix (I’m not even really sure what that is) but I did recently buy a pink lemonade cake mix that I was anxious to try. And once you have an idea for something you can make it any way you want, so that’s what I did.

I made the cake using the instructions on the box (plus a few drops of red food dye to make it extra watermelony), and added in some mini chocolate chips for seeds:

Watermelon cake layer

Yep, it’s looking like a watermelon

Then I whipped up some regular buttercream frosting and turned half of it pink with food dye:

Watermelon cake

The frosting isn’t quiet as scary neon as it looks in this photo

I dyed the rest of the frosting green to put a rind around the sides of the cake and sprinkled a few more mini chocolate chips on top:

4th of July cake

With a white table I just needed some red and blue to make it a little more 4th of Julyish

And voila! A quick and easy 4th of July cake for those coworkers who are dedicated enough to come in this week instead of taking a long, long weekend:

Slice of watermelon cake

It almost looks juicy, right?

Sparklers and potato salad,

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