Office Birthday: Harry Potter Theme

This is what the cake is *supposed* to look like. But then I’ve never really been into following directions.

I’m going to London! In about an hour!

And since I’m packed and ready to go with a few minutes to spare I wanted to post my photos from the Harry Potter birthday party we threw for one of my friends (and my London travel companion).

We both love Harry Potter and the first thing we booked for this trip, even before plane tickets, were tickets for the new Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour. It looks fantastic. so it seemed appropriate that for her birthday I’d create a little edible version of Hogwarts to celebrate.

Now I don’t do really fancy decorating. No gum paste or cut out fondant shapes. So for this one I decided to buy a Harry Potter cake topper to make my life a little easier. I don’t usually like to buy things that I can make any other way, but this set came with the castle walls and some figurines, so I thought it would be a fun thing for the birthday girl to keep after the party.

Of course the picture makes it look very cool and easy. But when I started to assemble my castle it didn’t fit together quite like I expected.

I baked two sheet cakes from box mixes (because this party was on a Friday, and I only bake from scratch on weekends, when I have the time and energy), and once they cooled I cut one in half to stack on the other. I fitted the castle walls around this top layer and put the wall graphic on the bottom layer.

I used the castle walls to measure how big I needed the top layer to be, then I cut it totally wrong. This is why I don’t bake on Thursdays.

At this point it didn’t look bad, but still needed some finishing touches, like greenery.

It didn’t look quite like the picture, but I figured as long as people mostly looked at it from the front, they wouldn’t notice the back. I’m showing you just so you don’t feel bad if you have this same kind of disaster:

Pay no attention to the man behind the screen! Or the big gap in the cake!

I did the basic frosting at home and also used some rectangular cookies to create a fence around it. A few malt balls became rocks and I squirted on some green icing for grass or moss. Once I got to work I added the little troll. The end result was a little magical:

I just realized I should have used blue material to make a lake and then had little boats in it, floating toward the castle.

I made another cake using three round layers, frosted the sides in chocolate and the top with green icing to make a Quidditch field. I already had all the Legos (who doesn’t?) and I stuck those on when I got to work.

I would have been a fantastic Beater.

To add to the theme I brought in a bunch of other Harry Potter things I already had: Hagrid’s hut, the Whomping Willow and car, a Griffyndor scarf, a cauldron, some spider webs and a sparkly black tablecloth.

My coworkers helped out the night before by putting red and yellow (Gryffindor colors) crepe paper around the birthday girl’s desk.

When she got into work and saw the whole display she practically levitated with excitement. I’d call it a success.

The troll that brought Harry, Ron and Hermione together. Awww.

Mischief Managed,

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