Boozy Baking With Betty Crocker

What made it so totally awesome, you ask? Was it the speakers? The mix of attendees? The lovely city of Minneapolis?

Yeah. Kinda. But mostly it was because Betty Crocker Kitchens was the Official Cake Sponsor!

They must have known I was coming.

Both days of the conference there were Betty Crocker reps at a table showing off some of their latest creations. Day one was all about Boozy Baking and day two’s theme was Colorful Baking.

I love to throw a little color into my work, but given the choice between some blue gel and some bourbon, I’ll take the bourbon.

Get Betty’s Boozy Baking recipes from their site and try your hand at the Irish Whiskey Cakes, or go a little less boozy with their Green Tea and Lemon Cupcakes.

And if you do want to try something more colorful, you can get their tricks for making Tie-Dye Cupcakes by signing up with the site. I don’t usually like to sign up for things, but for recipes and baking tips I’ll give my email address to anyone.

Bottom’s up!

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