Baking for Star Wars Day: Rebel Alliance and Dark Side Cupcakes

Happy Star Wars Day!

I’ll admit, I’m more Trekkie than Star Wars fan (and definitely more Whovian than Trekkie, and maybe more of a Potterhead than Whovian, if you’re making a chart), but I haven’t baked anything in a couple of weeks and this seemed like a fun day to celebrate.

Since I had to pull this together on a Thursday night when I usually just want to be curled up on the couch watching “The Big Bang Theory” I went with something very simple. (Because have you ever Googled “Star Wars cake”? Some of those things look like they’d take more time to build than an actual Death Star.)

I make cupcakes from a regular yellow cake box mix and put them in shiny metallic cupcake liners that are very C-3PO.

Next I whipped up the buttercream frosting from the trusty C&H powdered sugar recipe. I split the frosting into two bowls and added a few tablespoons of Scharffen Berger cocoa powder to one of them, for the Dark Side cupcakes. And if the Dark Side always has Scharffen Berger chocolate, then you can get me fitted for a Storm Trooper uniform, because it makes everything more awesome.

You might notice that there’s a Doctor and Tardis in the background. I’ve found that it’s almost impossible to take a photo near my desk without him popping up, practically begging me to make him a wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey dessert of his own. Someday, Doctor. Someday.

For the toppers I went back to the simple cutouts-on-a-stick method I used for my Joshua Jackson cupcakes. And then once I got to work I threw down the sparkly black material I used for my Harry Potter party to make it a little more spacey.

Pete swears he didn’t know it was Star Wars Day when he got dressed this morning. Clearly the Force is at work with this one.

As much as I like to feed people, I like to educate them even more. And today I taught a lot of my co-workers about Star Wars Day – a fake geek holiday that few people celebrate and fewer have even heard of. So I feel like I’ve touched some lives and helped a few people get in touch with their inner fanboy, which kind of makes me the office Yoda.

Eat cupcakes, you will.

May the Fourth be with you!

P.S.: Chuck is having none of it.

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