Baking for April Fool’s Day: Cupcake Hamburger Sliders

Toothpicks hold these burgers together. Just warn people not to eat them, or nobody will be laughing.

I don’t think anyone in my office was particularly fooled, but several people did say these cupcake burgers looked pretty realistic. They’re also very simple to do:

1. Bake yellow cupcakes for the buns. Don’t use paper liners, just spray your cupcake pan with a baking spray so that they come out looking more like regular bread.

2. Bake chocolate cake for the hamburger patties. You can make chocolate cupcakes and slice the patties from those or make a sheet cake, slice it lengthwise to the correct thickness, and then use a round cookie cutter to make your patties.

Coconut lettuce. It’s super easy!

3. Dye some shredded coconut green for your lettuce.

4. Make or buy the white frosting of your choice. Dye half red for ketchup and half yellow for mustard.

5. Cut the yellow cupcake buns in half or in thirds (if you want to make some double burgers) and assemble.

If you want extra authenticity you can add sesame seeds to the tops, but I never liked those. You could also get some orange fondant to be cheese slices.

And if you really want to play a joke on someone, you could add real pickles. But that would be wrong, and disrespectful to the cupcake 🙂

I pity the fool!

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2 thoughts on “Baking for April Fool’s Day: Cupcake Hamburger Sliders

  1. You are a genius!!

  2. This is adorable. I especially love the green coconut “lettuce”. So creative!

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