Another Satisfied Customer

One of my coworkers took home two of the Lego cupcakes I brought in the other day for her daughters. (Read all about the Lego birthday party we had in the office.)

Afterwards she emailed me this conversation she had with one of her girls:

Getting other people's kids hopped up on sugar and not having to deal with the aftermath is one of the joys in life.

Daughter: These are delicious. Did Lisa buy them or bake them?
Me: She baked them.
Daughter: Did she really? But they taste so good. Did she go to cupcake school to learn how to make them so tasty?
Me: No, I don’t think she did.
Daughter: Was she just born this way?
Me: Yes… I think she may have been.

So yes, baking *is* worth all the time and energy 🙂

Also, “cupcake school” sounds like a bunch of edible, pastel buildings surrounded by a frosting river, Willy Wonka style. I want to go there right now.

Everlasting Gobstoppers,

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