Office Birthday: LEGO Theme

My buddy Bill turns 40 today. So of course we had to fill his cube with toys.

Bill: Mayor of Fun Town

The toys were someone else’s idea, but a couple of weeks ago I decided that I would be making a LEGO cake for him because he’s a LEGO fanatic. His goal when he retires is to build the city of San Francisco, brick by brick, so I figured if he can do that, I can make a cake.

My first step was to Google “LEGO cake” and I got a lot of good ideas. At first I was going to make a few cakes into big bricks, Betty Crocker style, but that seemed a little too simple. Also, if you don’t use fondant (and I just don’t like the taste of it) then it would be hard to get a smooth brick look.

With just one mold, making all these little things took a few hours. They look good though, right?

Instead, I decided to go with a construction cake (as done by Cake Maniac and many others).

The most time consuming part was melting the candy and making the LEGO bricks and men in three different colors. The yellow and red candy melts worked fine right out of the bag, but I bought candy melt coloring for the blue to make it a darker, more brick-like shade.

I bought the brick mold and minifig mold on Amazon and picked up a little set of construction trucks at the LEGO store.

The baking was actually the easiest bit, as I just used box mixes for a chocolate sheet cake and Funfetti cupcakes. (Woo hoo! Fun in a box!)

I made a batch of regular buttercream frosting and dyed it LEGO yellow for the cupcakes, and made a batch of chocolate buttercream for the cake.

Once the cake was cool I cut it in half, and then I made rectangular cutouts in the bottom layer. I slid my bricks into these so that a few would stick out. The brick mold makes long, thin bricks, which was better for decorating the cake, although not an authentic LEGO shape.

After that I put the top layer of the cake on then cut an L shape out of one corner for a pile of the candy bricks. Then I frosted all around the cake, covering the bricks part way so that it looks like the cake might be made of all bricks. (And several people at work thought that it really was.)

I waited until I got to work to put the candy minifigs on the cupcakes, just in case the colors bled together, but that didn’t seem to be a problem.

All these colors sort of make my eyes bleed, but in a festive way.

Everyone else in the department did a great job of decorating, so all I had to do was put down the LEGO wrapping paper I got at the LEGO store and set it all out. Birthday Bill was thrilled with it and my only fear now is that nobody in my office is ever going to want a plain birthday cake again.

The minifigs are at attention and ready for action!

It's no Vogon destructor fleet, but it'll do.

Happy Birthday, Billy boy!

Boy toys,

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18 thoughts on “Office Birthday: LEGO Theme

  1. Max Smith

    Legos are awesome…this guy has good taste.

    • I’m glad you think so, because guess what you’re getting for your next birthday? 🙂

  2. Aurora

    Amazing, Great, Wonderful, You are a Genious!!!

    Love it!

  3. Kara

    This is absolutely incredible! As the b-day boy’s wife, I feel a bit defeated…how can I EVER possibly top this incredible celebration?!!! The pressure’s on!!! You might want to seriously consider a professional career as a cake-master!!!

    • Thanks, Kara! A lot of people have suggested I go into the baking business, but I think that as soon as I tried to have fun professionally it would stop being fun and start being work. Plus, this way if I completely screw up a cake I can just toss it and buy donuts instead. I don’t think that would go over so well at a wedding 🙂

  4. Heather

    I thought these were real logos and come to find out they are edible too! You are totally awesome Lisa!!!!

  5. diane master

    How beloved is my son-in-law???
    My daughter chooses well, don’t ya think????
    We’re major fans as well…..

  6. Wow, Lisa! Super impressive!!!

  7. Kim

    Awesome, Lisa. Btw, I hate the taste of fondant, too – until I had Duff’s fondant that they sell at Michael’s. Recently had a piece of cake that was covered with this brand of fondant – pretty tasty.

    • I’ve looked at that stuff, but I sort of hate to pay so much just to decorate a cake. I’m sure I’ll give in and try it one of these days though.

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