Office Birthday: Doctor Who Theme

I suppose I didn’t have a Doctor Who themed party so much as my coworkers BUILT ME A FREAKING TARDIS!

My coworker is oblivious to the time machine next to him, but Chuck Norris sees it and wants to kick its ass.

For the last two years I’ve jokingly said that I expected them to build me a TARIDIS, but I never thought they would really try to do it. I made it a little easier for them by taking Monday off for my birthday, so they had time to scheme, measure and assemble, but it’s still very ambitious of them.

Originally they said the plan was for the TARDIS to take up my entire cube, but to keep the ratio correct it would have been about 10 feet tall. So they scaled down a bit, which I think is preferable to having a short, fat little TARDIS.

Cozy, but awesome. And it matches my coffee cup and wallpaper.

They had also planned to do all four walls and a roof, but a wall and a half into it they were reprimanded for using so much paper and ink 🙂 Oops! I think it’s better this way though, because it’s a pretty tight space inside (unlike the real thing), and it would have made me feel claustrophobic if I couldn’t see out.

This handle was soniced with the best of screwdrivers.

The highlights of my TARDIS include a working door with a little handle (assembled using the sonic screwdriver I was given for Christmas and keep at my desk) and detailed signage. I think the only thing it was missing is a life-sized David Tennant cutout. Or the real thing.

Mmmm. The real thing.

Chuck Norris vs. The TARDIS

Some of the less geeky people in my office think I did something wrong and the police came for me, but most are just jealous that they don’t have cardboard walls. We’re thinking that maybe for each person’s birthday we should give them a birthday box and their gift will be a week of privacy. I have to say, aside from the coolness factor, I’m getting a lot more work done hidden away in my little blue box.

I don’t know where they got the idea that I’m into this kind of thing. Oh. Right.

I made the TARDIS travel back in time with my camera filter. Totally believable, right?

Next I’ll make it my mission to come up with some TARDIS cupcakes.


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12 thoughts on “Office Birthday: Doctor Who Theme

  1. So jealous!

  2. whoa!! amazing!

  3. This is so amazing! Your co-workers rule!

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  5. that is so COOL!!! i am jealous 🙂

  6. This is epic! It’s almost enough to make me quit my day job and go back to cubicle life!

    • It certainly made me happier to go to work when I had a Tardis to live in. I wish cardboard could last forever.

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  9. Linda

    Very cool!!! Wish I had one;-)

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