Office Birthday: Joshua Jackson Theme

Hey Girl, Wanna ride in my birthday rowboat? XOXO, Josh

Hey Girl, Wanna ride in my birthday rowboat? XOXO, Josh

Forget Ryan Gosling. My co-worker is so all about Joshua Jackson she named her dog “Pacey”.

So for her birthday today I stole the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” meme, made a few posters (which you are welcome to steal, below) and set up “Pacey’s Creek” in a crazed mish mash of genres, themes and TV shows.

As I’ve said before, the baking doesn’t have to be super fancy. This time I made brownies (using my favorite Ghirardelli recipe from the back of their Sweet Ground Chocolate container) and cupcakes (from a box mix).

I mixed up some buttercream frosting (using the tried and true C & H Powdered Sugar recipe) and dyed half of it blue to make my Creek. I probably could have done a few red ones as well, to represent the alternate “Fringe” universe, but I just think blue is prettier.

Then I Googled up some Joshua Jackson photos, shrunk them down, cut them out and taped them to wooden skewers for cupcake toppers. Another coworker provided an origami rowboat, to complete the “Creek” theme.

Joshua Jackson has never looked yummier. And that’s saying something.

I don’t wanna wait,

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9 thoughts on “Office Birthday: Joshua Jackson Theme

  1. Hey girl, I think you’re awesome.

    This is a brilliant idea and it’s very clever. Well done!

    Thanks for sharing this with me, Lisa. :)

    • Thanks! The birthday girl loved it and we had a chance to educate some of our coworkers who were silly enough to ask, “Who’s Joshua Jackson?”

  2. this is too good, too good. I cannot!

  3. merica

    I don’t wanna wait for my birthday……. Can someone please throw me a JJ party?
    Well done Lisa!

  4. I love Josh Jackson also (Pacey was my favorite on DC also) and this is an amazing theme!!! My sister would love this and that is who I thought of when I saw this post. Thanks for sharing!!!

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