Office Birthday: Pirate Theme

My good friend and coworker loves pirates, so it was easy to decide on a pirate theme for her birthday. And as far as decorations go, it’s one of the simplest things to pull together.

Another coworker went around and piratized all our nameplates.

To turn her cube into a pirate ship I used:

  • Two light blue plastic tablecloths from the dollar store (I usually avoid anything that’s not compostable, but sometimes I give in to cheap temptation)
  • Rope, compasses, and pirate-themes napkins and Happy Birthday sign from the dollar store
  • Pirate flags, fish and seaweed printed out from images I found online
  • Some reusable netting, eye patches and pirate pencils from a party store
  • A small treasure chest filled with gold foiled chocolates (like Hershey’s Nuggets) and skull I had from an Indiana Jones-themed birthday I did a few months earlier (We’ll talk about that another day.)

The birthday girl already had a Johnny Depp/ Captain Jack action figure on her desk, so I worked him in, too.

We got everyone in on the act.

But what to do for the cake? I was determined to make her a pirate ship and I did a lot of Googling for ideas. After I sketched it out I wound up making a chocolate sheet cake. I cut a strip off of the long side and  used that to make the back part of the ship. Just sort of piled it up. I also trimmed the front of the ship to make the bow.

It didn’t look like much on its own, but then I used two long strips of Tootsie Rolls to make a railing in the front and back, made a pile of malt balls into cannon balls and used long, thin cookies for oars and more railings.

There be treasure in this office!

Next, I printed out images to use for the sails and put them on long wooden skewers for an authentic, piratey look. And finally, my favorite part, I put the birthday girl herself on the cake, along with Captain Jack and Will Turner. (Luckily, she has a Facebook page full of fun photos, including one of her as a pirate.)

After cutting them all out I attached them all to toothpicks and placed them on the boat. A little blue icing piped around the boat for waves and yar! Pirate ship birthday cake.

And it tasted good, too.

My favorite part is that she probably looked at the cake for a few minutes before realizing she was right there on it, and then she freaked out 🙂

Shiver me timbers!

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One thought on “Office Birthday: Pirate Theme

  1. they look so good…wawoo…

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