Office Birthday: Chuck Norris Theme

Chuck Norris Fact #84: He tastes delicious.

For a lot of birthday themes it’s easy to go to a party store and get some tiki decorations, or pirates or Harry Potter or sports teams or whatever it is you’re going for.

But when the birthday boy man is into Chuck Norris you have to work a little harder. As cool as it would be, nobody makes a Chuck Norris cake pan.

My first step was to Google for “Chuck Norris cakes”. From that I found some inspiring and sometimes insane ideas. A large fist punching out of the cake? Cool, but a bit more difficult than what I was willing to try.

I’m not a professional cake decorator and haven’t even taken the Wilton class. I’m more of a figure-it-out as you go cake maker, so that’s what I did here.

I started out with two 8″ round pans and made a Cinnamon Swirl cake, straight out of the box. I had planned to frost the whole cake, but it already had a sort of sun tanned, craggy look to it, so I left it alone for the face.

A positive message from Chuck helps everyone work a little faster.

Next, you have to have a great Chuck Norris beard, so I put on a layer of chocolate frosting in a Norrisy beard shape, then patted a combination of plain chocolate and Duff S’more Sprinkles into it for texture.

For the hair I piped on some yellow frosting with chocolate streaks, but only after I put down a stripe of green frosting for the headband. I added eyes and a mouth and in the end had a cake that almost vaguely resembled the person I was trying to make it look like.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be perfect, or professional. In this case, it was funnier because it was so bad. But with action figure I found on eBay and old movie I got from a garage sale and “Chuck Norris Approved” signs I printed out, it got the point across, and all morning people came by to have a laugh.

And my reward for all of this? My co-worker has Chuck watching my every move.

Swiss Army Sprinkles,

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68 thoughts on “Office Birthday: Chuck Norris Theme

  1. Hahaha. I think it’s a cute way to celebrate. What better way than with Chuck Norris, right? 🙂

  2. What is it about Chuck Norris? I even included him in a recent post about running a 5K.

    Congrats on FP.

    • Thanks! Good luck with your 5K. I like to watch people run them while I eat cookies and wave 🙂

  3. … and I’m including a reference to Chuck Norris in a post I’m publishing today as well.

    What are the odds? Perhaps he’s experiencing a resurgence.

    Or maybe he never left the mainstream at all…


  4. i don’t care what face is on the cake… just… cake… 🙂 great post, very well done!

  5. I think it goes without saying that this post is awesome! The Chuck Norris office birthday party is every male co-workers dream now. Great post, and we hope that someone in our New York City office does something very similar for us… *hint to those we are sharing this with*

  6. Ha, that’s an awesome idea for a birthday party theme.

  7. I heard that if you cut into a Chuck Norris cake, YOU bleed.

  8. Who even KNEW Chuck Norris Fact #84?

  9. I can’t even tell you how awesome I think you are for doing this. Love it!

    • Thanks! I don’t think you can feel the power of Chuck Norris and not be at least a little awesome.

  10. Woah, your blog was pressed pretty freshly. YAY, page views!

  11. Cool beans!

  12. What is the deal with Chuck Norris these days? He’s EVERYWHERE!

    • Oh, Chuck has always been everywhere. You just don’t notice because he’s so damn stealthy 😉

  13. K How

    Haha! That’s too cool. I want a Chuck Norris themed birthday for my 23rd now.

  14. Oh my, that cake is rather spectacular!

  15. mis297

    Reblogged this on mis297 and commented:
    How cool!

  16. You can’t go wrong with Chuck Norris and cake. They’re two of my favorite things.

    (Actually I could care less about Chuck Norris, but I’m afraid he’ll beat me up if I don’t say something complimentary about him.)

    • Good thinking. You really don’t want to make Chuck’s Naughty list. (Thanks for stopping by!)

  17. Chuck Norris is so awsome he doesn’t have to go big game hunting. The animals just come to him and commit hari kari at his feet!

    Chuck Norris once sang a country song so sad that he got his job back, his cheatin’ wife came home and his dead dog came back to life!

    Great post. J.

  18. awesome! chuck norris is both over- and under- rated!!!

  19. Oh my goodness!!
    I need one of these at my wedding 😛

  20. I can see how his karate techniques could help making home bread!

  21. When I find in my day a certain amount of the “blues,” I can always count on postings such as this, to bring a huge smile to my face. Thank You.

  22. This is too cute! Have you ever searched him on Google? My son told me to type in Where is Chuck Norris

    If it shows more than one site, read the preview of the one that says Google Search. 🙂

    Great post! Thanks for the laugh.

  23. This is fantastic! Chuck Norris is so cool that I named a hamster after him once. Unfortunately, it was eaten by a skunk,

    Every office needs more creativity and more action figures. Viva la Chuck!

  24. Reblogged this on brooster123.

  25. Reblogged this on webbk25.

  26. That is awesome, the sort of thing that could possibly happen in my office!

    Congratulations on being freshly pressed 🙂

  27. Love the chocolate sprinkle beard!

  28. Very creative and totally fun. What an awesome birthday surprise for your co-worker!

  29. Chuck Norris has the cake, and eats eat. Oh, and if your Birthday man annoys you this birthday, violence isn’t the answer, Chuck Norris is.

  30. lostingoodstory

    Do you know the reason dinosaurs became extinct? Yup…You guessed it, Chuck Norris.

  31. Chuck Norris RULES! 😉

  32. Ha-ha! Very creative!

  33. Chuck Norris is the best

  34. lol that cake is amazing!

  35. so awsome

  36. Brilliant post! Looks delicious and chuck Noris-esque!

    We’re going to start work on a ton selleck cake now, just for kicks! THank you for the inspiration!

    The Eye

  37. Intelligent way to celebrate!

  38. Apparently chuck has a fists that comes out of his chin!


  39. Awesome.

    I thought this meme died six years ago.

    Live on zombie meme, live on.

  40. So funny! You did a great job. This would be awesome at my husband’s office where Chuck Norris jokes abound.

  41. Awesome Chuck Norris post! “It’s super easy.” 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!

    …following your blog…

  42. Great job with the theme, who needs party stores when you have Chuck?

  43. Damn that cake looks good !! Go Chuck !

  44. I love the last pic with Chuck doing the action thing:)

  45. Charlene

    Very sweet to do this for a friend 🙂

  46. Pingback: Friday fun: Chuck Norris theme for office

  47. I love all the Chuck Norris-isms!! In fact, I’d guess a Chuck Norris cake probably makes and bakes itself. A fun theme.

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